Design, SEO, UX/UI Design, Web Development, Wordpress Development
About this project:

UXBRIDGE is East Auckland’s creative hub – arts, lifestyle, fitness classes and workshops, together with community events, exhibitions, spaces for hire and so much more!

Uxbridge had a lot of information that needed to be communicated through their site, while still being concise and artsy enough to match their brand goals. Their website had become flooded with information, and they needed to improve the flow of their communication and services throughout.

Mata Digital redesigned their site based on user experience principles. Ensuring the flow of information was optimised on their site so their customers could find the information they needed easily and fast. With so many different aspects of their hub it was essential to be able to differentiate them, manage them, and make the information easy to find. This was important from both a management perspective and from a customer perspective.

UXBRIDGE also wanted to make sure their site would be found easily online, and so enlisted Mata Digital to assist them with SEO. With a basic understanding of SEO on their marketing team, they were looking for the digital experts to both provide the service, but also help train them up so they could ensure the same visibility for new workshops, classes etc. to be found.