Web Development
About this project:

J.Swap are New Zealand’s premier providers of civil construction, aggregate supply, bulk cartage, storage, distribution, traffic management, and forestry construction services, here to redefine your project experiences.

J.Swap needed a website update to modernise and optimise their online presence. This project involved giving design elements a facelift, so that the same well known branding and feeling of J.Swap was maintained while a more contemporary look could be achieved.

This redesign also included a new site structure, which was easier to navigate and better optimised for J.Swap’s client user journeys than the previous map. Other user experience services, such as website responsiveness, cohesiveness, and website and page flow were also deeply considered and carried out as we moved through its development. Additionally, copywriting with base SEO was curated to build the websites content so it was informative, easy to digest, and on brand for J.Swap.

This new and improved website also needed specific, custom created forms. Some of these forms were simple enquiry or contact forms which were set up to optimise responses and completion. However, some forms needed extensive conditional logic and different user pathways within the same form to ensure the experience was personalised and specific to each user.

The specifics of J.Swap’s needs were unique, Mata Digital got to rise to the occasion and create a stunning site that catered to the technical requirements too.