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5 Secrets for amazing Home Pages

When planning your next website or having a look at your existing site, keeps these 5 secrets for amazing Home Pages in mind, or just check out our Handy Tip! Give potential clients a taster, not the main meal. Have a little bit of what's on offer throughout the site,...

Design trends we have seen in 2017

As we enter spring and gear up for summer, the countdown to Christmas begins, (is it too soon to mention Christmas? I think not, last night I saw a chocolate Santa parked next to the checkouts)  and I thought it would be cool to reflect on the design trends that we...

My Business is only small; Do I even need a website?

Why does my small business even need a website? >We all know that technology is changing. We live in an age where the telephone book is left lonely and dusty at the bottom of a drawer and our phone is off the wall and in our back pockets. Your website is the...

Why Small Businesses should use their Blog sites

When we first sit down with our clients and we suggest that they add a blog or news area to their website, Many ask why!? "I don't have anything to write about, no one will read it anyway" Don't be too hasty, Uncle Google will read it. If you...

Why paying for Good Design is Important

So, you are looking over your branding and thinking about getting a new logo made, and are wondering whether you should fork out the money for good design, or just do it yourself? Designers understand the basics of good design, and our eye is honed to notice slight...

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