Divi Training Resources

Everyone loves a good process streamlining tool, and the Divi Builder does just that. Divi is a WordPress website building platform that not only vastly improves efficiency and speed when building websites, but also enhances the ability to make them visually stunning.

Since we live and breathe Divi, we know our way around and have a few tricks up our sleeve. But as with any new skill, there is a learning curve involved in mastering it. We have a wide range of resources that we utilised when initially learning Divi, and still use in order to keep up to date with the constantly evolving platform and enriching our talents. Here are a few of our favourites here at Mata Digital.


The Official Divi Documentation

Divi has a set of official documents and tutorials available for free online. These are perfect for any Divi newbies. The tutorials are split into helpful collections, including a “Learning the Basics” section perfect to get your feet on the ground. However, if you are after something a little more advanced then it will cater to your needs too. The documents are searchable and detailed and if you need any extra assistance there is even a live chat available – what more could you ask for!


YouTube tutorials

YouTube has blessed us with more tutorial content than we can possibly handle, Divi tutorials included! Simply searching “Divi” throws out countless tutorials for the obvious and simple stuff, but you can delve deeper by searching for a specific question or issue. Just be sure to include the magic word; “Divi” in your query.


Divi Soup

Do you like food and metaphors? Divi Soup is for you! What better way to learn than through a platform based entirely on cooking. Divi Soup offers a huge range of easy-to-follow recipes (tutorials) to get you cooking in no time. Including a Divi beginner course and tasty Divi resources.



All hail the mighty Google. If you are getting stuck on something in Divi, chances are others have experienced the same or similar roadblock and have posted about it somewhere on the internet. There is a huge collaborative, online community ready to drop some knowledge, you just have to ask. Even as a website designer and builder, I quite often find the answers to my problems within obscure forums by throwing stupidly specific questions into the void.


The Mata Digital Team

A huge resource I was able to harness while learning the ropes of Divi was interrogating my fellow workmates here at Mata Digital. We know it can be intimidating to know where to start with learning everything there is to know about Divi and we are happy to answer any questions you have or we can set up an in-person or online training session to guide you through the specifics of your own website.


Getting started with Divi is a very straightforward and rewarding experience with so many resources at our fingertips to guide us along the way and with a little bit of work you can really crack into the full customisation capabilities it offers. Ultimately, I have found the best way to learn Divi is by doing and making and creating.