Waikato Printing Company
Design, Logo & Branding, Marketing, Print Media, Web Development, Wordpress Development
About this project:

The Waikato Printing Company is a proudly 100% locally owned and operated Matamata business, servicing New Zealand’s design and printing necessities. With a strong focus on modern printing methods, modern technology and a unique lens on printing that sets Waikato Printing Company apart from other printers and can offer products and services that other companies cannot. Offering the complete range of printing services, professional design services, and do-it-yourself design services.

Waikato Printing Company needed brand identity creation. Mata Digital established their visual identity, including crafting their logos and designing their signage, aspiring to encapsulate the vibrant nature of the printing industry. Mata Digital also fashioned The Waikato Printing Company a sleek new website, accomplishing their need for efficiency and clarity for their customers, while maintaining the impressive look and feel important to a company that values stunning design.

Mata Digital also established Google Ads for The Waikato Printing Company, creating campaigns that allowed this new company to build awareness and flourish within the industry.