Motorcycling NZ
Web Development, Wordpress Development
About this project:

MNZ is one of the oldest sporting bodies in New Zealand, with the organisation forming in 1916. Their site covers all things motorcycling, from how to get started in the sport, the history of motorcycling, to the latest news and events. With several thousand members and over 60 clubs throughout the country, MNZ boasts riders with international reputations and status.


Motorcycling New Zealand were after a new website to overcome their problem of having an abundance of hard to navigate information on their site. The needs for their website had also changed due to growth and also developing a mobile application. They required a website design and build, along with user experience design. To start with they required a new page structure, how do you make such a content heavy website easy to navigate? MNZ needed a slicker, modern website to provide key information and reflect the energy of the sport.