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About this project:

MIMICO are New Zealand pioneers in world leading heavy equipment, plant, and engineering services. For over three decades their heritage has been developed through the pedigree of their people and products.

While Mata Digital have been assisting MIMICO with various website and marketing endeavours for years, we more recently have been working with them to redo their whole site. This huge undertaking has included an intense redesign of the overall look and feel of their website to be more modern and reflective of their brand, as well as user experience and user interface design.

To design a new site map structure, we carefully selected which pages to keep, add and change, ensuring a well-polished site that catered to MIMICO’s clients. We created landing pages made specifically to capture traffic and optimise marketing campaigns and built custom post types for promotions and events with specific fields designed for the new page template. This made keeping the website up to date easy for MIMICO staff to maintain.

On top of these core site services, Mata Digital also designed infographics and customised imagery, photoshopped for a consistent and impressive brand aesthetic, and created a separate linked Shopify Merch site to utilise its ecommerce capabilities to work alongside the core site.

With MIMICO being such a large brand with such a diverse offering, this website project has been a huge but satisfying undertaking.

Mata Digital has also worked on improving MIMICO’s SEO, so that they are ranking highly in google, representing their expertise in their industry. Utilising many different tools and techniques, including integrating the website build with SEO foundations, the SEO for MIMICO’s site has increased traffic and rankings across their services and products.