Why Small Businesses should use their Blog sites

When we first sit down with our clients and we suggest that they add a blog or news area to their website, Many ask why!?

“I don’t have anything to write about, no one will read it anyway”

Don’t be too hasty, Uncle Google will read it.

If you have a small business and don’t have or need to have, a lot of content, a consistent blog will allow you to expand your website, thus giving google more content to read.
Each time you post a blog post, you create more pages for your website. These will be searched by google and you give yourself more chances to be ranked in search engine results.

What is a blog? According to google a blog is a regularly updated website or web page, typically one run by an individual or small group, that is written in an informal or conversational style. A Blog post is content that is written for the blog (similar to an online article, although alternative media can be added, such as videos, images and gifs)

Search Engine Optimisation

It is essential for small businesses to ensure they are consistently using their blog. This indicates to google that the website is being well maintained and updated. We find that small businesses often forget about their websites, they are ignored until they are no longer working as required. Why ignore such an essential tool for gaining new clientele??

As you add more posts to your website, you are creating more content that google can scan and reveal in search results.

By updating the content on your blog, you are giving yourself more chances to be visible for long-tailed search queries, that people are entering into google searches. An example of a long-tailed query is: “My fridge is not cold inside but the freezer is working fine”. If your store is an appliance store, and you have written a post about common faults with appliances, your post is more than likely to show up with a possible answer for this question; thus helping the person and creating an online relationship before they have even thought about contacting you. You have asserted yourself as a viable source of information and as an industry professional.

Gaining Online Visibility

Creating content that is helpful for, and aimed towards your target audience/potential clients allows you to have a chance for your posts to be shared on social media, where it can gain further attraction and potentially more leads. Content geared like this is increasing your online visibility, which can also create mentions within other companies blog posts. Online visibility includes appearing higher up in search engine results, being seen and shared on social media sites and being mentioned in other blogs.

Personalising your Brand and Asserting yourself in your Industry Online

Your blog is essentially a marketing device for your brand. It is not a main source of income, however it is a chance to spread the word about your company and your approach or distinctiveness in what you do. For example are you the graphic designer who enjoys sketching in your spare time? Share your enthusiasm of the art, Share what you and your employees are passionate about, allow your customers to get to know the people behind the screen.

You are showing the personal side to your brand, do you have issues or concerns that will be of interests to your customers or potential customers? Your blog is a great place to share your insights on your industry, as others may search for the same topics, again exposing you to potential leads.

Think of your blog as opening a door of contact to strangers and welcoming them in via your content, they become visitors by reading your content. The building of relationships by personalising your brand.

Not only does consistent content creation show google that your website is well maintained, but it also shows your target audience that you are an expert in your field, by establishing opinions on your field of interest. Share your thoughts on important industry related information and show your target audience that you can assert yourself in your industry. Your customer’s will begin to look to you as a source of knowledge.

Small Businesses in particular should focus on updating their blog at least once a fortnight, show your clientele that you care about your website, and potentially create new connections and leads in the process. Here, at Mata Digital we can sort you out with adding a blog section to your website, or advise you of some topics that you could write about.

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