Website Terminology Unmasked – How to know what you are asking for from your web designer.

We regularly see clients come to us that have a rough idea about what they want to be added into their website but are not sure how to explain it to us.

Here I have grouped together some terminology of ‘add ons’ that clients often ask for and how we interpret this, to save you some time when setting up a meeting with your web designer.

Single Images
  • Single Images can be one or a few within a page. Make sure these are high-resolution image and the key to website images is to keep them simple and uncluttered.
  • Videos are pretty self-explanatory however, you can have videos that automatically play as soon as the page loads, or have them the full width and height of the page, or small and to the side of body content.
  • Galleries or series of images where you view all images at once or select one to view and be enlarged.
  • Testimonials are positive comments about a business or people within a company, often these are put into an automatic slider or choose to have just a few on a page that can be scrolled through. A testimonial is made up of the comment, commenters name and the business of commenter.
  • Similar to testimonials you can add in a ‘person’ which will have an image, person’s job title/position and a small biography about themselves. Great for introducing your viewers to your company members and building trustworthy relationships.
Social Media Feeds
  • A social media feed will bring through your most recent posts from your social media into a feed on your website to keep your website up to date. This can be a Facebook feed or Instagram but Twitter and google+ could also be incorporated.
Drop Down sections
  • A drop down section is great when you have a lot of information that you want to include (such as a FAQs page) you can have just the headings showing and the user can click to read more.
  • There are two options you can have here, one that allows the user to click and display all the items of information or, they can only click and display one lot of information at a time.
  • Sliders are a series of images that are automated to cycle through, similar to a slideshow. Great for the top of website pages to introduce the viewer to your company or brand and products.
Pricing Tables
  • Pricing Tables are good if you have set prices for products or services or a monthly subscription service. It clearly displays the price and what is involved with the product or service for that cost.
Countdown Timers
  • A countdown timer counts down to a specific date or time. Great for coming soon pages when your site is in the build stage, you can let your users know how long till your new site is live (only if you have a set launch date).
Number Counters
  • A number counter is similar to the countdown timer however it counts up to a specified number. For example, if you have spent 300 hours working towards an award then you could use it.
  • Map of your business location so users can easily find you
Online Forms
  • Online Forms can be filled in by the user to collect data or messages (for example, newsletter sign up, contact forms)

If you have further questions about Website Terminology, pop up to 3 Tui Street and come have a chat!

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