My Business is only small; Do I even need a website?

Why does my small business even need a website?

We all know that technology is changing. We live in an age where the telephone book is left lonely and dusty at the bottom of a drawer and our phone is off the wall and in our back pockets.

Your website is the equivalent of your listing in the Yellow pages.

The internet and Uncle Google are the first port of call if people have questions or queries about businesses. Need to know contact numbers or open hours? Google it. Need to know Services and prices? Google it. For smaller business that don’t have a large presence having a website is essential, it doesn’t have to be a large site as long as you have the essentials readily available for potential customers. Easy to access information at hand.

Yes, you may have your business listed on a third party site but often these are not welcoming and give the bare basics of your business.

You put your business at the mercy of these third-party companies as to what /when /how they display your business information and who it displays too. Why not have your own website that you can control and update, created just for your company, optimised for your clients and customers.

A website puts a face to the business name.

It allows your customers to build a relationship with you before walking in the door. They can decide if you are the reputable business they want doing their job. If you’re not listed in search results,  you’re not in to win. Don’t waste the great word of mouth, building your credibility, by not having your website backing that up.

Do you have products or services that you sell or can offer?

Promote these! Your website can do this, often small businesses operate by word of mouth but new potential customers have no idea what services or products you offer. Have these online so you can get those sales.

Getting repetitive niggly questions, every day?

This could be easily answered on a website. Direct your customers to your website and services information. Include a call to action and the calls will come.

Missing work because you are not open after 5pm or during weekends?

Your website is your digital storefront, open 24/7, make sure that it represents you and your brand.

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