Do you Divi?

Building a website can be tricky! We know this first hand because that’s what we do all day.

Most of our sites are built through a web software and powerful content management system called WordPress. It offers us a great base to start building from and helps us publish the websites we are working on.

Although WordPress has many features, most of what we create is not made from a design point of view, but rather a functionality one.

This means when we are building a website we see everything from the back end, which mostly looks like code, and you don’t get to see how things fit together in an appearance perspective till we are almost finished.

This makes it more difficult for us to make sure your site looks the best it can look.

Luckily, there are additional components in WordPress that are called themes.

Themes help us with design, colours, transitions and layouts. One such theme we use frequently is Divi.

Divi enables us to easily and quickly change layouts, make new and exciting elements, animate modules and design your website to look it’s very best.

With Divi, we are also able to import fonts and logos to make sure your website is in line with your branding and guidelines. Divi also makes it easier to link your website to other media you may have, such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or MailChimp more easily.

We can do all of this in real time, which means we can produce high-quality websites faster and better than ever.

Divi also gives us the ability to give clients back the controls to their website after it is built. When building websites with other companies you may find it difficult to make even minor changes and keep your website up to date. With Divi, you can add blog posts and change information and images whenever you want to, and the best part is, we are still here to help or make changes to your website if you need us to.

We love Divi because it’s forever changing and improving, just like your business!