5 Secrets for amazing Home Pages

When planning your next website or having a look at your existing site, keeps these 5 secrets for amazing Home Pages in mind, or just check out our Handy Tip!

Give potential clients a taster, not the main meal.

Have a little bit of what’s on offer throughout the site, and your services to give your potential new clients a taster! Don’t fill your valuable page real estate with all of your latest blog posts, pick the top three posts to promote.

Make sure that your content meets your business goals.

Ensure that your copywriting is clear, succinct and understood by your target audience. Copy needs to reflect your intended business goals. If your goal is to sell more products, have these front and centre. If you are wanting more people to make bookings, make your services the feature of the home page, include an easy way for clients to contact you!

Keep consistency with your brand and include your logo.

Use a simple colour scheme reflective of your branding, ensure that you include your logo! Your branding needs to target your audience, make sure that your services, products and branding are targeting the right market.

Time is Money. You have 3 seconds to impress.

You have less than 3 seconds for people to decide if they want to look further into your website. Navigation throughout the Home Page (and your site!) needs to be easy to see and streamlined for the next steps for the users to take. Think about adding Call to Actions and buy buttons for products. Keep it simplistic and easy to follow.

Connections build relationships. Show the faces behind the business.

The web is very intimate and people want to see the faces and know who is behind the company to connect with them, make sure that you have some imagery that builds confidence with your target audience. Have your open hours and contact details clearly displayed in case people are searching your site just for these details.

Have you taken a look at your Home Page lately? Does it fit your branding and appeal to your Target Audience? Maybe.. Could it be better? Give us a call on 0800 00 2786 and we can take a look for you and bring you back up to date.

Handy Tip: Great quality images and well thought out copy make successful websites. Images need to be taken with the new site in mind and copy text needs to be relevant to the target audience.