5 reasons to start Digital Marketing

So many of us are spending more and more time online trying to save time, money, and effort. It sounds silly when you think about it, but I can guarantee that you have glanced at something online this week even if it was just to check the price.

With New Zealand getting more and more digitally advanced and more companies realising the potential of the digital realm, it has come time to take the leap or you will get left behind.

Do you have a Digital Marketing Strategy?

Although we are a small country on the map, this does not mean we need to be the last to start.

It is estimated that around two thirds of businesses in New Zealand have not taken full advantage of their digital space.

1. You don’t know your audience online

With around 80% of kiwis using online services, the potential for increasing brand awareness and market share online are enormous. The dynamics of online customers can be dramatically different from those who come from traditional channels. Customer demand for the ease of online services is always growing and without your presence being known, how can those customers make the most of your products and services?

2.Your competitors will swallow up your market share

If you are not spending any time providing services online, you are giving your competitors the advantage. With a great digital strategy they will be able to snatch up new clients and potentially even old clients who now prefer to acquire their products and services through online channels.

3.You’re not making the most of optimisation

In this age of digital marketing you don’t just have product sales, you also have nearly  unlimited potential to nail your target market on the head. With software such as google analytics we are now able to tell you much more about who is interested in your business. Information like prominent age groups, gender, and types of devices being used give you the ability to tailor your campaigns exactly!

4.Usually less expensive than traditional marketing

Traditional marketing can cost thousands of dollars and campaigns usually only last a very short amount of time. With digital marketing the price can be significantly lower and you are able to directly see the effectiveness of the campaign, re run or even edit a campaign to suit the target audience better.

5.You can be heard.

With the clutter of media being thrown at us all the time, many forms of traditional advertising rarely get across. The developments made through digital techniques used on platforms such as Facebook, Snapchat, and even advertising displays on online news outlets are being absorbed more and more by consumers daily.

If you still can’t see the point or want to know more about how to make your business digitally visible, feel free to email us or come and have a chat with us about how we can get you ahead of the rest!

Mata Digital is a digital marketing and web development business located in Matamata, Waikato providing web and marketing services to small to mid-sized local businesses. Mata Digital focuses on aligning with clients, the ‘Mata Digital Community’, to deliver innovative ideas and translate those into refreshing results. For more information about Mata Digital, visit matadigital.nz