Google Ads

We understand the need to appear first in Google Search, every time.  When customers are looking for a new brand, product, or service, the first sites that appear in search results are typically the ones consumers will use and interact with.


The astronomical number of searches submitted on google daily represents Googles immense reach. When people require a question answered, their first stop is Google. Amidst these endless searches is someone trying to solve a problem to which your business could be the solution.


With such a wide range of ad types, and high customisation of all features from targeting to content within these options, Google Ads accommodates all needs. We can help navigate Google Ads to capitalise the use of these features, so your ads run successfully and capture more leads and customers.


Mata Digital Google Ad Services

Mata Digital offer different types of Google Ad (previously Adwords) packages, depending on your needs.  Most of our clients opt-in for a Mata Digital managed service, where Mata Digital take care of everything, from the setup of the Ads, to the budget control, monitoring, and reporting.


Explore our packages and pricing listed below.  If you are unsure which package would be suitable for you, then feel free to call Tim or Georgia on 0800 00 2786 to discuss.


Have existing campaigns but just need an expert to take a look? 

We can help – get in touch with us to learn more.

Short Term Ads

Have a new product launch, or a new location you are looking to promote?  Looking for a short term sales boost?  Our team can setup a Display Campaign to run across 1000s of websites and mobile apps.  Get in touch to learn more.

Our Packages

Other Related Services

Facebook Ads

Our team are Facebook Ad experts, helping to reach new customers in your target market. Talk to us to learn more about how we can help with your Facebook Strategy.


We are Mailchimp Partners, and our team are highly trained in Mailchimp. We can help you with your businesses e-newsletters, and ecommerce emails.

Website Rescue

Stuck with an out of date, or offline website? We can help, and quickly. Talk to our team to see how they can help.

What our clients say

“Within 2 weeks of starting our campaigns with Mata Digital, we were gaining 2-4 high-value clients per day. We were spending a budget of $400 a month and had a return on investment of over 120%.”


Amberlee Dean – Waikato Printing Company