Career Central
Design, Marketing, Web Development

Career Central began as the brainchild of founders Sue Hancock and Tim Hampton. A company that allows students anywhere, anytime access to career resources and advice. Career Central keeps track of students information so that careers staff and teachers can assist students in finding an appropriate career pathway through and beyond school. After watching their business grow, Career Central sought to develop a way to remove any pain points their customers had, and create a product with an experience that has the potential to change a child’s future. Mata Digital was tasked with fine tuning their platform before arming Career Central with the digital marketing tools to upscale in New Zealand and Australia.

Web Strategy

Matadigital worked alongside Career Central’s web and development teams to ensure that every need, short-term or long-term, would be built into the platform.

Responsive Web Design

Our team worked to develop an online educational experience that would be just as delightful on tablet and desktop as it is on mobile.

Campaign Builder

Career Central needed the capability of running many marketing campaigns to various user groups, starting in New Zealand. Each campaign comes with a custom tailored home page experience, that matches the content, objective, and promotion of specific advertisments.