So, you are looking over your branding and thinking about getting a new logo made, and are wondering whether you should fork out the money for good design, or just do it yourself?

Designers understand the basics of good design, and our eye is honed to notice slight imperfections and small details. Often we have trained for years (just like any other profession) to perfect our craft.

Spoiler Alert: My advice, Don’t just do it yourself. You’re now asking, but wait Lily, What is Good design though?

Good Design is

  • Customised to your business 
  • Understanding your Business ethos. The vision, values and capabilities
  • Not one size fits all
  • Styled with class and timelessness in mind

Search logo design and similar advertisements to the following will come up; with welcoming tag lines to entice you in.

  • “3 logo options, 2 day turnaround”
  • “professional logos $49”
  • “get more logo designs than anywhere else”  

Stop and have a think for a second, about the quality of the end product you will be receiving if you are getting a two day turnaround. Will they have time to incorporate your ethos and think about how you interact with your clients. 

How many times have you been telling someone about a company, product, or place and said “I can’t think of the name of it but i can picture their logo”.

Well thought out design is memorable,

because of its intentional use of colours, language and form. This is why it takes more than a two day turnaround to have good design back in your hot little hands. Good Design encompasses the essence and tone of your brand, whether you want to portray a more fun and quirky style or have a clean, minimal and elegant approach. Good design is the first impression of your brand. Does your brand appear friendly and inviting or cold and mismatched?

Designers are taught to take into account the mediums in which the branding and design will be used for, and keep this cohesive across all forms; from print materials to digital screens. Examples include responsive design for websites being viewed on tablets, phones and desktops computers to transferring printed information from a flyer to an A2 Poster or two metre banner. This is also relevant websites. Websites that are cluttered and have little thought put into the interface design are often seen as untrustworthy by clients and often these sites won’t be revisited. 

Good Design isn’t just making things look pretty,

It’s encouraging people to do something, to perform tasks or give an instruction. Good Design encompasses calls to action, to provoke a response from your intended target audience. Designers will think about the end purpose and the intention of the design, not just place a pretty logo with some bright colours and call it a day.

Good design is not an immediate drawcard for income, however it is something you should consider spending the money on, if you want your brand to be recognised and remembered. Good design will help your brand to flourish, and will create great first impressions with clients. It will have a lasting impact on whether people trust your brand and vision.

As with a lot of things in life, you generally get what you pay for and Good design is no different.