1. Your website message doesn’t allow people to establish a relationship with you (think of coming through an open door)
  2. Your website doesn’t have a clear purpose that potential clients can understand in five to seven seconds
  3. You cannot update your own content. think about whether your website is making your life easier or harder?
  4. Your site looks out of date. Remember this is your virtual storefront and the perception of your company.
  5. There is a build up of obsolete content. Replace with current up to date content. In with the new, out with the old.
  6. There is unnecessary images and videos (Increases load times and loose customers) Ensure all multi media has substance and expands your message and purpose.
  7. Website has gathered redundant content which depletes the look and feel of the site. Don’t deplete your brand, ensure information structure and site organisation is cleaned up.
  8. Not appearing in the top five results for google when searching your brand name. If you can’t find yourself, how will your customers find you?
  9. Website does not look nice on all devices, including smartphones and iPads. Your website is not responsive.
  10. The website is not gaining quality traffic. Does online traffic result in successful leads which reflect your purpose of the site?

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